Keeping Your Dog Active and Healthy With an Injury

By nature, dogs are active and injury can severely impact their quality of life. Leg injuries can be extremely detrimental to your dog’s psyche as well as their ability to exercise. Dog splints are designed to help your pup live a more comfortable life with their leg injury. Keep reading as Specialized Pet Solutions outlines…

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Improve Your Pet’s Quality of Life

Improve Pet's Quality of Life

When Specialized Pet Solutions LLC was founded, we had one goal in mind: to help improve the quality of life for pets. We knew that with the right devices and support, we could help them run and play again, and that would make all the difference in the world to them. And it has! Every…

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4 Reasons a Leg Brace Will Be Great for Your Pet This Summer!

Leg Brace for Your Pet

Summertime is a great time, with all of the outdoor activities and trips to the park, your furry friend is probably having a blast. But if your pet has an injury or disability, it can be tough trying to enjoy the summer weather. That’s where Specialized Pet Solutions comes in! We provide leg braces that…

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Benefits of Knee Braces for Dogs

Knee Braces for Dogs

Benefits of Knee Braces for Dogs Dogs are active animals; they love to run, jump and play. But when they start to experience knee-related issues, it can be difficult for them to continue living their normal lives. That’s where Specialized Pet Solutions comes in! We offer high-quality knee braces that help reduce discomfort and keep…

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Your Options After Orthopedic Veterinary Surgery

If your pet needs orthopedic surgery, it’s important to know what to be prepared for post-surgery. At Specialized Pet Solutions, we offer pet orthotics, including animal braces, as well as prosthetic solutions, to help your pet — whether it’s a dog, cat, horse, goat, donkey, or any other animal — recover after their surgery. Here…

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What Specialized Pet Solutions Offers Your Pet

What Makes Us The Best We know that you love your pets and won’t stop at anything to give them the quality of life they deserve. However, in the event of accidents, diseases, or even old age, we give your pets a chance of living a better life. Special Pet Solutions give you and your…

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Pets Are Great in a Pandemic: Here’s Why

puppy and cat snuggling on floor

For over a year, Americans have been living under conditions that change on a day-to-day basis, new regulations and laws that seem to restrict freedoms and shutter businesses, and fears that cleaned out supermarket shelves in the beginning as we stockpiled everything we could get our hands on “just in case”. Every day, we have…

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