Common Animal Injuries and the Orthotic Products That Can Help

Our pets are some of the most loving and loyal creatures that we share this earth with. We often forget just how much they do for us, from protecting our homes to providing companionship when we need it most. Unfortunately, there is one thing that animals cannot protect against - injuries.

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Pets can be injured in many ways, both at home or while out on a walk with their family. The good news is that orthotic products exist to help these animals heal faster and get back to doing what they love best - being an adored pet!

Learn More About Orthotics for Your Pet

We offer a variety of orthotics for pets large and small. Learn more about the different styles and types of braces and other orthotics we offer to see what your pet would benefit from using.

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  • Specialized carpal and wrist braces for pets
    - These braces are used to help pets recover from common health issues.
  • Stifle and CCL knee braces
    - Stifles are commonly injured in dogs, while cats often sustain injuries to their CCLs.
  • Specialized dog hock, tarsus, or Achilles braces
    - This brace is meant to provide assistance after surgery so that your dog may fully recuperate.
  • Large animal orthotic for donkeys, horses and more
    - Front and rear fetlock, elbow, and front leg carpus braces, as well as rear hock and fetlock braces.

Pets are some of the most loving and loyal companions that we have on this planet. We tend to overlook how much they do for us, from defending our homes to offering comfort when we need it most. Help keep your pets healthy and happy. Shop online today for orthotics for pets of all sizes.