Regain Your Pet’s Mobility, End the Pain

Your pet may not be able to communicate when they’re feeling stress or pain in the same manner that you can, but they do exhibit their distress in various ways. One of the symptoms that indicates that your pet needs to go to the vet is that they are less active and aren't responding.

It is essential to seek expert counsel to avoid further damage and lessen their suffering with the correct guidance. When is the best time to go? Specialized Pet Solutions is simply a few clicks away from regaining access to your pet and assisting them in walking effectively once again.

dog wheelchair

What Makes Us Different?

Our team understands that complete limb development comes with many sacrifices and limitations. Therefore, our objectives are clear and include the ability to offer your pet the best prostheses and restore their mobility

The comfort and confidence your pet has in their prosthesis help determine its quality. As a result, unlike ready-made ACL dog braces, Specialized Pet Solutions create each set specifically for your pet. This ensures that a prosthetic or brace is a perfect fit for your pet, and you won’t have to worry about it falling off or constantly adjusting it.

Before creating the final prosthetic, the designs are further developed digitally using specialized software to ensure an error-free process. This prevents increased costs or wasted time on prosthetics that don’t perfectly fit your pet.

Does Your Dog Require Orthotics?

Our dog orthotic is designed to decrease overuse strain, fatigue, hyperextension, and chronic arthritis in the remaining forelimb. These conditions can be stressful for both the dog and the owner, so dealing with them appropriately and in a timely manner is essential.

Shivering, shaking, trembling, eating and sleeping disorders, and aggressiveness are a few symptoms that you might notice in your pet if they are facing mobility issues and suffering from pain. If your dog exhibits any of these symptoms, please take them to see your veterinarian. From there, you and your vet can determine if a prosthetic or brace is a suitable solution for your dog’s needs.

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How Does It Work?

The use of dog orthotics can help to improve the alignment of the lower leg. This can be used to support a joint heal by stabilizing it or making it easier to operate. It can also be used to prevent or cure lower-limb deformities, improving efficiency. In almost all cases, dog orthotics significantly increase dog mobility and overall quality of life. Contact our team today to learn the other benefits of dog orthotics.

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Specialized Pet Solutions provide the finest possible care for you and your pet. Our expert team is prepared to help you with all of your dog prosthetic and orthotic needs. Visit our website to learn more about us or contact us for questions about our pet health products.