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Leg Prosthetics Give Horses a Chance at Normal Life

Custom-Made Horse Prosthetics & Orthotics

Limb Prosthetics for Horses — Restoring Mobility

Horse prosthetics are becoming more and more main stream, we can greatly improve the life of a horse with prosthetics following a catastrophic injury, severe disease (such as blood vessel disease), tumor, or another malady.  In the unfortunate case a horse requires a leg amputation we are here to help. We have improved technology and more tools to help the horse continue living a healthy, happy life.

The same prosthetic technology that we use for humans who lose a limb can be used to help take pressure off of the horse’s other functional limbs to greatly improve their quality of life. That’s exactly what we at Specialized Pet Solutions, LLC do. We work at the forefront of the animal prosthetics and orthotics movement, providing animals a new lease on life with our supportive devices. Your horse can walk and run again even if they have not been able to for months.  Your horse will adapt and will actually look forward to having their new device placed onto their stump because they will begin to understand how it helps them.

If you think your horse is a good candidate for a prosthetic limb, contact Specialized Pet Solutions in Spokane, Washington to learn more. Once you place your Specialized Pet Solutions pet orthotic or prosthetic order, a casting kit will be sent to you with casting instruction for you and/or your veterinarian. Once we receive the cast it takes 10-14  business days for fabrication. Ready to get started?

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Specialized Pet Solutions provides:

  • Custom-made equine orthotic and prosthetic devices
  • Easy-to use molding materials for the cast for the device 
  • Support for you and your vet, while casting your animal, to ensure a perfect fit
  • Easy shipping options

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Should You Get Your Horse a Prosthetic or an Orthotic?

The area of amputation is essential for determining if your horse is a good candidate for prosthetics. For a front leg prosthetic, the amputation must be below the elbow. For a rear leg prosthetic, it must be below the hock. This is so as to ensure adequate suspension area for the prosthetic device. 

Horse orthotics are not for amputees, but more for lame horses who still have some use of a limb, but that are hobbled by a limp or joint problems. Whereas just thirty years ago, a lame horse may have been euthanized, today there are other options available. Lame horses can now receive an assistive brace or other orthotic device — technically known as an orthosis — to assist them in their balance, potentially reduce muscle or nerve pain (neuropathy), and provide a breadth of  other benefits. Not only do our products at Specialized Pet Solutions help reduce pain and suffering for horses with a wide variety of issues, they can also help restore your animal’s mobility so they can live a more normal life.

However, be aware — it takes time for your horse to acclimate to their new tool. All animals treat orthotics and prosthetics differently, so give them understanding and patience. 

While in the past, braces were usually one-size-fits all, today we can make a casting of your horse’s limb to give them more comfortable, effective support. 

Pain Relief for Horses

Animals suffering from problems such as a torn meniscus, arthritis, injured cruciate ligament (ACL or CCL), ruptured Achilles tendon, nerve or spinal cord injury, genetic anomalies, or various other problems and injuries, who previously had no recourse other than taking drugs to cope with the pain, are now able to receive supportive care for their injuries. 

What Makes Our Horse Prosthetics Different?

Specialized Pet Solutions have developed horse prosthetics and orthotics designed to last for years. All our products are made with non-porous foam on the inside and a polypropylene shell on the outside. Both can be easily wiped down when wet. Our products are designed to provide optimal relief for your horse, helping to balance their weight more evenly and reducing the impact on their tendons. Our horse prosthetics and orthopedic equipment are designed so as to not rub or cause abrasion to the horse’s fur or skin, and to not get in the way of their movement. 

Specialized Pet Solutions leads the industry in innovation and quality, and we continue to improve on our animal orthotics and prosthetics to this day!

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Committed to Your Horse’s Wellbeing

When your horse begins using their injured or deformed leg again with the aid of a prosthetic or orthotic device, it can be almost like they never missed that part in the first place. They often get used to it very quickly — though every animal is different. The expression of joy on their faces, of sheer, unmitigated happiness, is profoundly rewarding. At our little shop, we get to see lives turned around. 

As new materials and innovations in using them in the equine orthotic and prosthetic industry continue to develop, we are able to make our products lighter, more supple, and stronger. We love being able to provide our customers with affordable, effective solutions for their injured animals. 

With our commitment to animal wellness we offer a 5% discount to any animal shelter or sanctuary.