To Brace or Not to Brace

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Do you ever notice your pets limping through their way and not doing everyday activities as they should be? One of the signs of visiting a vet may be the way your pet is showing a less energetic attitude and not responding as they are supposed to.


To find out why your pet is behaving that way, Specialized Pet Solutions is the ideal place where you should get them checked and get a proper consultation. Learn all about the benefits and drawbacks of bracing below to help make the decision on whether or not to order a brace for your pet.

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Does Your Dog Need Braces?

Though every vet may have a piece of different advice, in the end, it is you who must decide what's best for your beloved pet. Do you want your pet to undergo painful surgery, or would you instead go for an alternative? A high-quality brace from a company like Specialized Pet Solutions might be the right choice for your pet in some situations.

To decide whether your dog needs one or not, you need to understand the anatomy of a dog and realize that dogs are not designed the same as humans; therefore, the process and aftermath of bracing are not the same for them.

The usage of orthotics for pets is referred to as pet orthotics. Orthotics is a branch of allied health care that deals with the fitting and production of orthoses. Fracture management, to avoid dog leg damage, torn ACL, or another ACL injury, as an alternative to surgery, and other rear leg injuries in dogs of the knee joint are all treated with braces.

So, if your dog is experiencing any of those symptoms, then you should consider the bracing alternative.

Benefits and Setbacks of Bracing

Nobody enjoys paying a lot of money for healthcare services and operations, and surgeries are nothing if not expensive. Even for a pet, surgeries can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars easily. If surgery is necessary, braces can be worn thereafter to help with recovery and prevent re-injury. Bracing is a relatively low-cost alternative.

Surgery might have negative effects. However, braces can be tailored to your specific needs and are long-lasting. It helps give adequate support, mobility, and flexibility to dogs with ACL injuries in addition to treating the condition.

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