Your Options After Orthopedic Veterinary Surgery

If your pet needs orthopedic surgery, it's important to know what to be prepared for post-surgery. At Specialized Pet Solutions, we offer pet orthotics, including animal braces, as well as prosthetic solutions, to help your pet — whether it's a dog, cat, horse, goat, donkey, or any other animal — recover after their surgery. Here are four scenarios to consider after orthopedic veterinary surgery and what your options are to ensure that all goes smoothly for your pet.

Bilateral dog braces

Rest and Recovery

Immediately following any form of orthopedic surgery for your pet, it's important to ensure they have a long and comfortable rest and recovery period. It may be a while until your pet is able to use all of their joints again, especially to the full extent that they used to. Be sure to allow your pet the time and space to be able to relax after their surgery.

Healing and Pain Management

Following orthopedic veterinary surgery, your pet needs to take time to heal and you as their owner may need to assist with some pain management. It might not be long after surgery before your pet is up and moving around again, but it's important to remember that recovery takes time and won't be completely painless for your pet. Getting your pet an orthotic brace for the joint or joints that they had surgery on should help relieve some of the pain and pressure they may be feeling post-surgery. 

dog stifle brace
bilateral donkey braces

Follow-Up Appointments

After your pet receives orthopedic surgery, you will need to return with them for a few follow-up appointments. The purposes of these visits will be to ensure that your pet is healing properly and to make sure they don't require any further physical intervention. It's important to keep these appointments as your vet will be able to examine them and help manage their pain further if need be. 

For Your Pet's Chronic Pain

If your dog, cat, or other animal has had orthopedic vet surgery in the past, they may now experience chronic pain in that area. However, it is possible to attempt to manage this pain for your pet. For one,  you can give them the orthotic brace that they should have received after surgery to help relieve some of their pain.

carpal brace with paw for dogs

Every day, cats and dogs are given orthopedic veterinary surgery for a variety of different reasons. If your animal needs this type of surgery, ensure they have animal orthotics or animal braces for faster and more comfortable healing. Order pet orthotics online or contact us for a more custom solution at Specialized Pet Solutions!