Once you place your Specialized Pet Solutions pet orthotic or prosthetic order, a casting kit will be sent to you with casting instruction for you and/or your veterinarian. Once we receive the cast it takes 7-10 business days for fabrication.

Yes, all products are made with a non-porous foam on the inside and a polypropylene shell on the outside and both can be wiped down easily. The straps will need to air dry. The strap pads are made with the same non-porous material as the inside foam.
As long as the product is being used properly it will last for years, occasionally the straps and pads will need to be replaced as well as the tread if there is tread involved.
Every orthotic or prosthetic product is custom made to your pet so it is not returnable. We guarantee fit, but we can not guarantee acceptance.
We have developed the stifle brace design to allow relief to the Achilles tendon. The suspension point on stifle braces is at the tarsus/hock. The most common design has a strap that gets pulled very tightly over the Achilles tendon which will break the tendon down over time. Our design uses a non-slip material at the tarsus/hock area and the strap goes across the front of the leg allowing the tendon to function normally.

Do Dog Knee Braces Work For Dogs?

Yes, our dog knee brace is custom designed to fit every animal uniquely. A dog knee brace also known as a stifle brace is built to stabilize the knee and prevent the drawer motion which causes knee injuries in dogs. When the knee is stabilized and the drawer motion is minimized the ligament is allowed to heal over time.

Do Braces Help ACL Tears in Dogs?

Yes, our dog knee braces keep the knee from moving laterally and medially (back and forth and side to side). This gives the ligament time to heal. Often times without surgery.

How Many Hours a Day Should a Dog Wear a Knee Brace?

When your dog first receives their knee brace it should have a two week break-in period where the time is increased in increments daily, until they are wearing the brace during the day and taking it off at night.

What is The Best Brace For a Dog With a Torn ACL?

At Specialized Pet Solutions we have created a one of a kind dog knee brace that is unlike any other dog knee brace on the market. We have a built in patellar bar which keeps the knee from moving medial and laterally, it also has a built in Achilles relief channel that keeps the straps from applying pressure onto the Achilles ligament preventing further injury to your dog’s leg.

Can I walk my dog with a torn ACL?                                                                   

Yes you can walk your dog with a torn CCL or ACL, however supporting the leg is very important when walking your dog with a knee injury.  Bracing your dog can keep them from over extending the leg and making the injury worse.  It can also help support and stabilize while the ligament is healing.