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The most common injury in a dog is a CCL / ACL tear. Dog knee braces (stifle brace) are a great tool to help your dog heal from this common injury. The Cranial Cruciate Ligament (CCL) attaches to the femur, runs across the stifle joint and attaches to the tibia. The CCL holds the tibia in place and prevents internal rotation, hyperextension and the forward motion referred to as “The Drawer Motion”. A CCL rupture is the tearing of the ligament either a partial or a complete tear resulting in instability, pain, and lameness. Our knee brace for dogs can help provide support and pain relief while your dog recovers from this injury. It can also be used pre and post surgical intervention to help provide support and limit the range of motion while your dog heals. Our dog knee brace is custom made to fit your animal precisely. It will be one of the kind and completely unique to your dog.  There is a variety of colors and patterns to choose from.


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Our dog knee brace is designed with two unique features.  First- we have a built in achilles relief channel that cushions the achilles tendon and keeps the strap on the front of the leg, reducing pressure on the tendon.  This will prevent breakdown of the achilles tendon and further injury.  Second-our patellar bar prevents the drawer motion which is the primary cause of a CCL tear.   It cages the knee and provides stability and prevents both medial and lateral movement.  We use the same materials in our dog braces that are used for making human orthotics.  Your special pet will receive the highest quality device on the market.


Our dog knee brace can help your canine pal recover from a variety of knee-related injuries and problems, such as:

  • Full CCL / ACL Rupture
  • Partial CCL / ACL Rupture
  • Luxating Patella

For each of these conditions, this brace provides support and relief in a way that allows your dog to keep enjoying their high quality of life. Our dog knee brace provides support with our innovative technology to support the whole leg of your dog. Our patella bar eliminates the drawer motion which often times causes the CCL to tear. It also prevents lateral movement and our one of the kind dog braces are unique from any other brace on the market as they provide relief to the Achilles ligament as well. With our specially designed Achilles relief support system you don’t have to worry about damage to the Achilles tendon, whereas other braces can cause damage to the Achilles ligament over time.

Our dog knee brace also known as a stifle brace is custom made to fit your pet specifically. We do this through a simple cast that you or your vet can do which is then mailed to our fabrication lab in Spokane, WA. From there we create a mold of your pet’s affected limb that we use to build the brace around. Dog knee braces are a much more affordable and conservative solution to a CCL tear. Arthritis is another common issue in aging dogs that a dog brace works well for.  Our custom dog braces can help support the joint which in turn reduces pain and aggravation to the area.  We can also build braces for larger animals such as cows, horses, goats, sheep, pigs, alpacas, etc.

Each dog brace is made out of high quality materials and manufactured to the highest standards right here in the United States. We have successfully fit thousands of dogs.

Animal wellness is our top priority and we offer a 5% discount to any animal shelter or sanctuary.  Our prices start at $645, price is determined by size and difficulty.  Please call for further information on how we can help your animal today 833-682-7375

Once you order your device from Specialized Pet Solutions, we mail out a casting kit.  Once you receive this casting kit watch the casting video below.  It is helpful to watch the video prior to casting as it allows you a visual of the process and will aid in gathering the necessary materials needed to do the cast.  If you are uncertain about doing the casting yourself, your veterinarian can also do it for you (they’re fee’s apply).  Once the cast is complete ship it back to us and we will create a mold of your animals limb.  With the mold we create your custom device.  Please allow 3-5 business days for manufacturing.  We will then mail your custom brace to you.

Please be understanding and nurturing while your pet acclimates to this new tool. All animals treat braces differently and adjust accordingly.





3 reviews for Specialized Pet Solutions – Dog Knee Brace Starting at $645 (Stifle Brace)

  1. Alison Hood

    So helpful for my 100lb GSD! We spent over $1000 in x-rays, sedated drawer tests, and surgical consults, and ultimately it was a guess that there was a partial tear. My GSD is 5 years old and extremely active, spending $5500 on a surgery for a possible partial tear with an 8-12 week recovery time just didn’t seem feasible. We opted for the CCL braces and have been very happy with them, and our veterinarian is comfortable opting out of surgery indefinitely. They fit him perfectly, and only took him a little while to get used to. He is able to navigate stairs and run around to play frisbee wearing these with comfort and our peace of mind knowing his knees have added stability. If you are considering a brace, this is your sign to go for it!

  2. Michelle Gallagher

    When I was at a loss how to help and provide support – my research brought me to this new business- new in that I had never heard of it. But glad I did! My phone call got quick results in that I got my dog in and fitted- Christy was wonderful and the fit and purpose were a priority ! I went back for a recheck and KUma got to break it in over the couple weeks and we use it on walks and during the day for the support!

  3. Michelle

    and Angela did the fitting and recheck – sorry for my error – Christy called to check on Kuma last week. All around impressed and excited for this option when surgery is not the best option. The stifle brace is a fantastic option/alternative. It is great now that I can let Kuma be more mobile after her period of rest but also when she was resting and trying to get as much healing as we could and successful stability the stifle brace provided it. Only reason it’ is not 5 stars is definitely a learning curve for the dog- at leas mine but also the amount of fur my dog has with the Velcro makes it more challenging to get on and not get frustrated with the Velcro. Has nothing to do with the company /people – just breed of my dog I think

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Do Dog Knee Braces Work For Dogs?

Yes, our dog knee brace is custom designed to fit every animal uniquely.  A dog knee brace also known as a stifle brace is built to stabilize the knee and prevent the drawer motion which causes knee injuries in dogs.  When the knee is stabilized and the drawer motion is minimized the ligament is allowed to heal over time.

Do Braces Help ACL Tears in Dogs?

Yes, our dog knee braces keep the knee from moving laterally and medially (back and forth and side to side).  This gives the ligament time to heal.  Often times without surgery.

How Many Hours a Day Should a Dog Wear a Knee Brace?

When your dog first receives their knee brace it should have a two week break-in period where the time is increased in increments daily, until they are wearing the brace during the day and taking it off at night.

What is The Best Brace For a Dog With a Torn ACL?

At Specialized Pet Solutions we have created a one of a kind dog knee brace that is unlike any other dog knee brace on the market.  We have a built in patellar bar which keeps the knee from moving medial and laterally, it also has a built in Achilles relief channel that keeps the straps from applying pressure onto the Achilles ligament preventing further injury to your dogs leg.