Proper Use and Care For a Dog Knee Brace

When your special pet receives their custom dog knee brace there is a break in period for their new device.  We want to ensure proper fitting and use as well as a proper maintenance for the device. 

Dog Knee Brace Fitting Instructions:

Slide your pets leg into the brace by “threading” the leg through the “hole” at the bottom of the brace (turning the brace sideways then twisting it on can be easier).  Start by tightening up the bottom strap, then work your way up the brace.  Straps should be snug.  Brace will sit right above the hock.  You should be able to bend the hock without any resistance from straps or pads.  

Check the groin, there should be 1-2 finger width of clearance from the fold of the groin to the start of the brace.  You may notice your pet rolling over on their toes.  This is common and they may do it for a couple of days while they get use to their movement with the brace on.

Please watch our video on how to fit your brace which can be seen on our website at

Break In Period:

Begin with a break in period of 30 minutes the first day this can be two 15 minute walks or 3-ten minute walks.  Increase by 30 minutes daily for the first two weeks.  After the break-in period is complete you may leave the brace on most of the day and remove at night.  The brace can be used up to 12 hours per day once the break in period has been completed.

Skin Examination:

After each use inspect your pets leg for irritation and/or hair loss.  If you are noticing anything discontinue use and email us a picture with the brace on and one of the irritation to

Cleaning and Care:

The inner liner is a non-pores foam and the outer shell is a polypropylene plastic, both materials can be wiped down with an antibacterial wipes or a 50/50 mixture of rubbing alcohol and water everyday.  Dirt and grime can cause irritation to your dogs skin so the cleaner the brace is kept the better.