Do Knee Braces Work For Dogs?

ccl brace for dogs

Dog knee braces have become a go to for people and veterinarians when TPLO surgery is not the best option.  However should dog knee braces be the first line of treatment for a CCL tear rather than the last option when surgery is not optimal?  In the human medical industry all non-invasive treatments are exhausted…

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Fall and Winter Tips for your Disabled Pet

As the weather continues to cool off we shift our energies and focus towards indoor living and activities, and your special pets will need help doing the same.  Here are our top tips on keeping your special pet warm and safe this fall and winter.  1. Staying warm is the most important of all.  Adding…

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Customer Service in the Pet Industry

Every business in America has a need for quality customer service, however in the animal industry there’s more to get right.  It’s easy to help an animal, they are always grateful for any amount of love, affection and support they are offered however pet parents are not the same as they were 20 years ago. …

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Summer Tips For Special Needs Animals

As we get ready for full on summertime weather we must consider our special needs animal babies and how this time of year can be wonderful and also dangerous.  Whether your fur baby wears a prosthetic device or a dog knee brace we have tips to help you navigate the warmer months.   If your…

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How to Measure Your Dog For A Knee Brace

dog knee brace measurements

When you have made the decision to invest in a dog knee brace for your best pal there is a little work on your part so we can ensure the best fitting brace possible.  First we need to have the animal’s affected limb casted with a soft fiberglass casting material that we provide in your…

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