Summer Tips For Special Needs Animals

As we get ready for full on summertime weather we must consider our special needs animal babies and how this time of year can be wonderful and also dangerous.  Whether your fur baby wears a prosthetic device or a dog knee brace we have tips to help you navigate the warmer months.   If your…

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How to Measure Your Dog For A Knee Brace

dog knee brace measurements

When you have made the decision to invest in a dog knee brace for your best pal there is a little work on your part so we can ensure the best fitting brace possible.  First we need to have the animal’s affected limb casted with a soft fiberglass casting material that we provide in your…

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Proper Use and Care For a Dog Knee Brace

When your special pet receives their custom dog knee brace there is a break in period for their new device.  We want to ensure proper fitting and use as well as a proper maintenance for the device.  Dog Knee Brace Fitting Instructions: Slide your pets leg into the brace by “threading” the leg through the…

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Top Ten Dog Breeds Prone to CCL Tears

  By now I’m sure you have had a dog with a CCL tear or know someone who has had a dog with a CCL tear.  It is the most common naturally occurring injury in dogs.  However did you know that some breeds tend to be more prone to this common injury? There are other circumstances…

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A Different Kind of Dog Knee Brace

knee brace for dogs

There’s a lot of options when it comes to dog knee braces and they all work to help CCL / ACL tears in dogs.  Here is why the dog knee brace at Specialized Pet Solutions is different: A built in Achilles relief channel.  Most braces on the market strap around the back of the leg…

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Horse Prosthetics Are More Common

Equine prosthetics for horses, donkeys, and ponies are just the tip of the iceberg of what Specialized Pet Solutions has to offer.   They are a  small female owned company with a huge heart, that was inspired by a three legged pony. When Prince was born his mother died shortly after giving birth, she fell…

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