Custom Dog Knee Brace vs. Over The Counter Soft Brace

Often times when a new client is calling for a custom dog knee brace they will divulge that they bought an “over the counter” brace from a major online shopping platform, and “it didn’t work”.  There are a few reason’s a soft over the counter brace is not helpful for a CCL / ACL tear.

The first is that a soft brace only provides mild support and does not prevent the drawer motion.  The drawer motion is what causes a CCL tear to begin with, by restricting that movement scar tissue is formed around the area and the ligament is allowed to heal.  With a soft brace the drawer motion is not restricted adequately which does not allow scar tissue to form or the ligament to heal.  

Secondly an over the counter soft brace is a “one size fits most” and therefore will not be the exact right fit, potentially creating more complications.  An ill fitting brace will rub and dig into skin and hair, leading to wounds and infections.  The cost of an over the counter soft brace is anywhere from $50 to $300 and the cost of a custom brace is $645 to $795.  Although the cost of a custom brace is more, it also has a much
higher success rate. Over the counter braces do not guarantee fit and they offer no customer service to ensure the device is working properly.  Considering the other option for a CCL tear is surgery, and at a whopping $3000-$5000 it is also not guaranteed to work.  

Specialized Pet Solutions offers the most affordable dog knee brace on the market.  They also have the only knee brace with a built in patellar bar which cages the knee and doesn’t allow the drawer motion as well as an Achilles relief channel that straps on the front of the leg.  This decreased the pressure on the Achilles tendon and prevents further injury.  When the right tool for the job is way more affordable then surgery and only a fraction higher than an over the counter brace why would you waste your time and money on anything else?