Specialized Pet Solutions Does it Best!

An honest declaration from us to you about animal orthotics and prosthetics:

What can I say about our company that will convey how much we enjoy our work, and how much satisfaction we get from helping animals.  We have made the commitment to keep our prices as low as we can so more people can afford quality hand crafted orthotics and prosthetics for their special pets without costing an arm and leg (pun intended).  We have the lowest prices on the market not because our quality is less.  It’s quite the opposite.  Our craftsmanship is like no other because we truly care about the outcome for the animal.  Our prices are the lowest so more people can help their pets and animals.  We are also committed to helping animal sanctuaries and animal rescues offering an additional 5% discount on top of our already low rates to these organizations.  Specialized Pet Solutions offers Dog knee brace for torn CCL’s with a very unique design with an achilles relief channel.  This design was years in the making and we finally have it perfected.  No extra pressure will be applied to the achilles tendon while wearing our knee brace, the other guys can’t say the same!  Our dog knee brace is the absolute best one on the market!

We have also quickly become the leader in a new hybrid design of prosthetic and orthotic for animals that have deformities that need a prosthetic but the limb has not been amputated.  We developed a design that will help the animal regain their mobility and cradle the deformed limb, something that has not been seen until now.  Farm animal prosthetics and orthotics for goats, horses, sheep llamas, cows, and pigs are all difficult to navigate and we are with you every step of the way.  We couldn’t be prouder of our mission to help animals live their best lives and our integrity shows from our customer service to the craftsmanship and all the way to the aftercare needs to be sure there is a perfect fitted device that helps your animal re-gain their strength and ability.  There’s only one name that says it all Specialized Pet Solutions because we will find a solution to help your special pet.