Summer Tips For Special Needs Animals

As we get ready for full on summertime weather we must consider our special needs animal babies and how this time of year can be wonderful and also dangerous.  Whether your fur baby wears a prosthetic device or a dog knee brace we have tips to help you navigate the warmer months.  

  1. If your animal wears a prosthetic often times this device is placed on their stump and not taken off until the evening when they are ready for bed.  During hot months their device can cause a lot of sweat and moisture to thestump which can cause skin breakdown and lead to pressure ulcers.  Our first tip is to keep an extra sock available and switch out the sock half way through the day.  This will allow the stump some time to air out and by placing a dry sock on the stump it will reduce the amount of moisture that builds up.
  2. If your animal wears an orthotic such as a dog knee brace or carpal brace remove the brace halfway through the day, perhaps at nap time to allow the area to dry out and reduce the moisture build up under the device.  
  3. Due to the warmer weather your animal will be out in the yard playing and living their best life, it is important to keep their device clean.  Do not allow extra dirt and moisture to build up on the device.  Dirt can also cause skin irritation potentially leading to skin breakdown.  Wash and/or rinse your device each evening, towel off any excess water and allow to air dry all night.  
  4. Hydration is very important during summer months regardless if your pet is handicapped or not.  Be sure there is plenty of drinking water available for your special pet to stay hydrated. 
  5. Provide adequate shade for your fur baby.  This is also so important for all your animals regardless of their special pet status.  Think to yourself “would I be comfortable playing/living in their environment.”  If the answer is “no” please provide the items mentioned above to ensure their comfort and safety.  
  6. Remove device(s) every evening allowing time for the stump/limb to breath and giving you time to wash/clean the device with the necessary time to air dry.  

With a little effort your special pet can have a safe summer full of love and fun.  

If you have a special pet that may require hand made custom orthotics and prosthetics feel free to contact Specialized Pet Solutions at 509-934-0067