Fall and Winter Tips for your Disabled Pet

As the weather continues to cool off we shift our energies and focus towards indoor living and activities, and your special pets will need help doing the same.  Here are our top tips on keeping your special pet warm and safe this fall and winter. 

1. Staying warm is the most important of all.  Adding extra blankets to stalls, dog houses and beds is the easiest thing you can do for your pet.  Giving access to shelter especially for outdoor pets is key.  Barns, stalls, dog houses, and coops help maintain body heat as well as block the winter wind. Something as simple as a lean-to with one wall to block the prevailing wind can be very helpful in maintaining body heat and helping your special pet through the colder months of the year.  If at all possible please bring your pets indoors and limit their time outside.  Just like humans animals feel pain, joy, sadness, and cold when it’s cold outside.  Remember if you’re cold, so are they.  

2. Staying dry and providing dry blankets and shelter from rain and snow is also an extremely important element.  If your disabled animal has orthotics or prosthetics be sure to keep them clean and dry as well.  If their specialty device gets wet or dirty it can cause skin breakdown which in turn leads to wounds and other complications.  Be sure to remove the device each night and allow them to thoroughly dry before placing them back on your special pet the next day.  If there is any dirt or debris please clean the device with warm soapy water and allow to air dry in your home so the next morning your pet will be ready to have their orthotic or prosthetic placed back on. 

3. Proper nutrition is another key element in staying warm in the colder weather.  Food metabolism equals body heat, therefore feeding your pet throughout the day can help maintain their internal temperature when they have to be left outside.  

4. Joint supplements for good mobility and to help fight achy and painful joint is also a kindness we can show our special pets.  Cold weather can exacerbate those achy and painful joints and a supplement can help heal and lubricate the joints.  Dog knee braces also known as a stifle braces can be helpful with mobility and support for arthritic pain as well.  Be sure to keep the device clean and dry.

If your pet is in need of specialty care devices such as orthotics or prosthetics we build the highest quality devices on the market.  Please see our website at: