Knee Braces for Dogs Help a Common Injury

The most common injury in a dog is a CCL/ACL tear. This can be a complete tear or a partial tear and the symptoms are usually a sudden limp with little to no weight bearing on the affected limb. This can heal with conservative management and does not necessarily require a TPLO surgery. Dog Knee braces otherwise known as a stifle brace can be very helpful in stabilizing the joint allowing time to heal. Often times with consistent use a knee brace can help the CCL heal naturally. The brace immobilizes the area that needs to be immobilized and allows movement in the area’s that can move. Once the CCL has healed the dog knee brace can be used during walks or during vigorous play to prevent further injury. If surgery is required a dog knee brace can be helpful in the recovery process as well by providing stabilization of the joint during recovery.

Do Knee Braces Work For Dogs?
YES! Dog knee braces are great tools to allow your pet to heal from a CCL tear which is the equivalent of an ACL tear in humans. A dog knee brace is also helpful with arthritis and can be used before and after surgical interventions by stabilizing the joint and allowing for scar tissue to buildup. Our dog knee brace is custom designed to fit your dog specifically allowing for a perfect fit. For more information on common injuries please visit our home page.

How Many Hours a Day Should a Dog Wear a Knee Brace?
When your dog is first acclimating to their knee brace you should place it on for only 30 minutes per day, monitoring for skin breakdown when the brace is removed. Gradually increase the time daily until your dog is wearing their knee brace for 8-12 hours per day.  The brace should be placed on in the morning and removed each night.

How Long Will it Take For My Dog to Heal From a CCL Tear?
If your dog suffers from a partial CCL tear a knee brace can help your dog heal in 8-12 weeks without surgery. Using the dog knee brace after the CCL has healed will keep the dog from getting re-injured during rough play. A complete tear in the CCL can require surgical intervention. However using the knee brace after surgery will help the area to heal faster as it will stabilize the joint and decrease movement to the ligament that is healing.