Top Ten Dog Breeds Prone to CCL Tears


By now I’m sure you have had a dog with a CCL tear or know someone who has had a dog with a CCL tear.  It is the most common naturally occurring injury in dogs.  However did you know that some breeds tend to be more prone to this common injury? There are other circumstances of course that can cause the same issues as well, in fact the biggest risk factor is an overweight dog.  There are other risk factors as well, over exertion is another risk factor this would be for dogs that get “The Zoomies” and working dogs.  Lack of daily exercise is another risk factor  as well as genetics.  The breed of an animal is usually related to one of the risk factors mentioned above.

Top Ten Dog Breeds that have a higher risk for a CCL Tear:

1. German Shepherds are on this list as they are a working dog with high energy and can be prone to “The Zoomies” when they are young.  

2. Labrador Retrievers, including black, yellow, chocolate or golden tend to have high energy and are also prone to the Zoomies.  They also gain weight easily and can be overweight if their diet is not properly managed.

3. Newfoundlands are a large breed dog that are predisposed to hip dysplasia.  This causes a lot of extra stress on the other joints including the stifle joint which is what the CCL attaches too.  

4. Rottweiler’s are a very strong muscular dog that are also known to be working dogs.  Therefore creating the potential for CCL injury.

5. St. Bernards are another large breed that can suffer from hip dysplasia which in turn can cause a CCL tear due to the extra stress applied to the stifle joint.  

6. Mastiff, again a large breed dog with a lineage that suffers from hip dysplasia and therefore puts them at greater risk for CCL rupture.  

7. Bichon Frise are not a large breed dog, they in fact are small petite dogs however they tend to be prone to injury including a CCL tears.

8. Staffordshire Bull Terriers are also prone to CCL tears.  They are very muscular strong dogs that can also have a tendency towards having the Zoomies.

9. Akita are a larger breed dog that also can be high energy and used as a working dog, placing them at risk.

10. German Short Haired Pointers are a high energy working dog as well.  They are used for hunting and have a tendency to get the roomies if they are not kept busy doing a “Job”.

Honorable mention would be a Boxer for all the same reasons mentioned above.  They are strong and muscular, used as a working dog and have a tendency to get the zoomies.

Some studies have shown that neutering your dog when they are too young may also have an effect on their CCL tear risk factor.  Another interesting side note is that 30-50% of dogs that get one CCL tear will have a CCL tear on the other side within a few months up to a year.  

Dogs that suffer from CCL tears can be treated with a dog knee brace also known as a stifle brace and do not always require surgical intervention.  Using a dog knee brace is a much more cost effective treatment as well as reducing down time in the animal as it is non-invasive.  In short knee braces for dogs is a good alternative to a TPLO surgery and becoming more and more common practice.  If you have any questions feel free to call Specialized Pet Solutions at 509-934-0067