Welcome to our site! We are passionate about animals and their health and wellbeing.  At Specialized Pet Solutions we make custom orthotics and prosthetics for animals allowing disabled animals to live their best life!  We build custom braces and prosthetics to fit your animal precisely by using a cast of the affected limb, we then build a custom device based around that.  Dog knee braces are our specialty and are used for CCL /ACL tear which is the most common naturally occurring injuries in our canine partners.  Our knee braces for dogs otherwise known as a stifle brace will stabilize the knee allowing the ligaments to heal from this injury.  There are a couple types of knee injuries this brace is used for.  A full tear which is usually indicated when the dog is doing “toe touch” weight bearing when they walk.  With a partial tear the dog will bear a little more weight but will limp.  A luxating patella is another common injury that our braces are useful for, this is essentially a “dislocated knee”.  Our dog knee brace will provide stability and slightly restrict the motion causing these injuries, which in turn allows healing and relieves pain.

Dog are not the only animals that benefit from bracing.  Hyperextension of the front carpal joint can be an issue many types of animals either are born with or suffer from due to trauma.  We can fit most any animal with a hard custom brace that gives stability and can potentially correct the issue.  We have seen a lot of success with these type of braces with dogs, horses, goats, sheep, llamas, donkeys, and cows.

Animal prosthetics is another passion of ours and we love to think outside the box and come up with unique and functional designs for animals when they do not have full function of all their limbs.  We have successfully fit horses, goats, pigs, sheep, dogs, and a donkey with prosthetics and built wheelchairs/wheeled carts for dogs and goats.

Thank you, and happy reading!