Farm Animal Prosthetic- Partial Limb Horse Prosthetic and Goat Prosthetic – Starting at $995


A partial limb prosthetic is designed to suspend from the residual limb base to help with stabilization, taking extra strain off of the sound side and encouraging a more normal posture in large animals such as horses, llamas, goats, sheep, pigs and cows. 

Most animals adjust well to prosthetics when the fit is good.  A horse prosthetic can be an extremely useful tool in aiding an animal to function more naturally, leading to a happier animal.


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Prices Vary depending on size, materials and situation.

  • Large farm animals such as horses, cows, pigs, price starts at $1495

  • Small farm animals such as goats, mini ponies and mini donkeys, price starts at $995


Our horse prosthetic is built to custom fit your animal specifically. A horse prosthetic is not only practical for your animal it keeps their body mechanics in a more natural position decreasing strain on the good limbs.

We also custom design prosthetics for most farm animals of all shapes and sizes including donkeys,  goats, sheep, cows, llamas and pigs.

Prosthetic technology has come a long way and horse prosthetics are becoming more and more mainstream.   Farm animals can enjoy a full happy life with the use of prosthetics.

Prosthetics have been proven to improve the quality of life of your large animal.
The area of amputation is crucial to determining whether an animal is a good candidate for a prosthetic. For a front leg prosthesis, the amputation must be below the elbow. For a rear  leg prosthesis, the amputation must occur below the hock. This is in order to ensure adequate suspension area for the prosthetic device. We are always open to consulting with veterinarians to discuss amputation placement of your animal.

Once you order your device Specialized Pet Solutions will mail out a casting kit.  Once you receive this casting kit watch the video on our Youtube channel or in the link on the product  page of our website on how to cast an animal.  It is helpful to watch the video prior to casting as it allows you a visual of the process and will aid in gathering the necessary materials needed to do the cast.  If you are uncertain about doing the casting yourself, your veterinarian can also do it for you (their fee’s apply).  Once the cast is complete ship it back to us and we will create a mold of your animals limb.  With the mold we create your custom device.  Please allow 12-14 business days for manufacturing on larger animals.  We will then mail your custom prosthetic to you.

Please be understanding and nurturing while your animal acclimates to this new tool. All animals treat prostheses differently and adjust accordingly.

Every prosthetic is made out of high quality materials and manufactured to the highest standards right here in the United States.

Animal wellness is our top priority and we offer a 5% discount to any animal shelter or sanctuary.

Our prices start at $795, price is determined by size and difficulty.  Please call for further information on how we can help your animal today 509-934-0067

***The customer is responsible for informing SPS in a timely fashion for any adjustment that are needed, or any device defects or other issues.  Customer must contact SPS within 30 days of receipt of device to let us know of any issues.  We will make adjustments within the first 6 months to ensure proper fit, however we cannot guarantee animal acceptance. As this is a custom one of a kind device specific to your pet there are no refunds.

FAQ: Can a horse have a prosthetic leg?

The answer is YES! Horses adapt very well to prosthetics.  The key to building equine prosthetics is considering the size and weight of the animal and using quality materials that will last.  We have successfully built artificial legs for horses, donkeys, and ponies.  We hand build every prosthetic to ensure a custom fit


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